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Making Dining Easier

with Crypto


You spoke, we listened. People want to pay for food and drinks with their Cryptocurrency. Yet few restaurants have adopted its use due to the current learning curve and limitations. MenuBuzz changes that by demystifying the process by quickly converting customer cryptocurrency to FIAT and depositing that into the restaurant’s account. This will accelerate industry adoption and help bring crypto payments to the masses.

Not just an idea

MenuBuzz is not looking for funds to build a new product, the product is built.  It is a pre-paid utility token sale that allows customers to purchase food & beverages from participating vendors.  Transactions are done at the speed of now and customer transfer fees are eliminated by using our CryptoWallet.  Each token retains a value of US$0.05 (five cents) and will not fluctuate unless the customer opts to transfer tokens out of the MenuBuzz framework.  Customers can transfer their tokens from their MenuBuzz CryptoWallet to any Ethereum compatible wallet of their choosing.  Tokens are available for use on the website from the moment they are purchased and bonus tokens are made available 30 days after token sale is complete.


MENU PrePaid Token Sale

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Empowering & Convenient

What can you do with MenuBuzz

Pay with Crypto


Customers can order food and pay with MenuBuzz Tokens (MENU) built with the ERC20 Standard as part of the Etherum Blockchain Network.

Order from IN the restaurant.


MenuBuzz empowers customers to control their restaurant experience, and rewards them for it.

Earn Crypto Rewards


Every purchase the customer makes is now rewarded in Crypto they can exchange for future purchases on MenuBuzz.

Accepting Crypto

Through MenuBuzz, participating restaurants can accept 

cryptocurrency anytime.  The MenuBuzz system converts the tokens into FIAT currency which is deposited into the restaurant's account.  Restaurant operators don’t even have to understand what a blockchain is to start accepting cryptocurrency at their locations.


How Does It Work?



Empowering Customers
Paying with Cryptocurrency
Business Benefits

Our Team


Meet our team

Scott Kirk - CEO

Scott Kirk, Entrepreneur, Blockchain enthusiast, Co-Founder in multiple companies and sectors - Games, Mobile Tech, SaaS, with over 25 years track record working in the software industry.  He has worked as executive management, product developer, coder, and for the last 10 years, as CEO for a company in the learning games industry. With MenuBuzz Scott will be utilizing his experience in online product development, team building, product and business development, implementation and marketing of products for connected devices.

James Ovuike - Chief Legal Officer

James has obtained a distinction Masters in business law and is a New York licensed lawyer and legal technology professional with a passion for disruptive technologies and innovation. Starting off his career working for Linklaters and ICAP Plc in anti-money laundering and compliance, James now advises Fintech, technology and other innovative start-ups and small businesses on all matters relating to deal making, regulation and risk. James got 'hooked' on blockchain and related technologies when he realised Bitcoin presents an attempt at solving the 'power corrupts' problem, and received continuously more exposure not least through his legal work - he has become totally committed to increasing the bitcoin and cryptocurrency eco-system.

Chris Barber - Blockchain Developer

Chris is a project manager, Blockchain consultant, and business analyst with 10 years’ experience managing large engineering projects.  He has a degree in Computer Science which, combined with his natural love for tech, led him to focus exclusively in Blockchain projects and programming solidity smart contracts, as well as providing business analysis and solutions.


His role in MenuBuzz is to ensure the successful integration of Blockchain by keeping apprised of the technology’s evolution, emerging market opportunity, and coding Ethereum smart contracts.

Sagr Lunagariya - Senior PHP Developer

A senior web developer, Sagar lives and breathes PHP.  He has a Bachelor of Computer Application, Computer Programming and specializes in eCommerce websites including development, search engine optimization, LAMP stack, and Agile development.

He has lead development of MenuBuzz's responsive application, both front and back ends, that adapt to device specific standards and include a high level of usability, scalability, and maintainability.  

Yeffry Diaz - Full Stack Blockchain Developer

Yeffry is a capable full stack engineer focused on integrating technologies with blockchain and Ethereum projects in unique ways.  His passion for coding started when he was 11 and grew to include a bachelor degree in computer science which he has used to push the boundaries of technology professionally for over 15 years.


Yeffry excels with technologies such as Solidity, Javascript, PHP, Phyton, Ruby, Database managemet, AWS, Google Cloud, and Git (to name a few).  He uses this knowledge base to feed his enthusiasm to learning new ways of making things work and keeping his mind prepared for the unexpected.


Don Miller

A veteran of the restaurant and technology industries. Eighteen years in finance and corporate planning for category-leading QSR brands, including over a decade in China.


Previous experience in travel distribution, software sales, and software development. MBA from University of Chicago and BA from Columbia University.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Mobile App can be downloaded and installed on your compatible mobile device easily. If you have any questions - please look through the most frequently asked questions or contact us for more details.

How do I purchase with Crypto?
How are there no fees and instantaneous transactions?
Is MenuBuzz compatible with my device?
Why is the value of a MENU Token locked at $0.05?
What if I want to trade MENU Tokens on exchanges?



Register on MenuBuzz now and you'll be rewarded with free MENU tokens to pass the Coffee Shop Challenge.


** Offer only valid if soft-cap of Token Sale is reached.

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